by Rebecca Hosking

Let's turn the lights down and the CD player up so we can get lost in this soft but poignant expedition of vulnerability and strength. Melody Guy has out did herself yet again with "Real Freedom", going to great lengths to take you on a journey through her mind. Every note sang and chord played tells you about the heart worn on the sleeve of this force that can't be denied. Melody has a voice that rings like church bells calling to her congregation to stand up and praise. She can not be placed in any musical category, she has created her own blend and genre of crisp instrumentation and spot on lyrics that leaves nothing for your imagination. If you ever been a woman scorned or a child mistreated this is just the therapy you need. This album is made with threads of deceit and reconciliation entwined in a blanket of courage and honest humbleness. There is an overall mellow drone through out with a nice mixture of rockin' angst. But that angst is shared with a childlike susceptibility to forgiveness and gratitude of experience gained through a road of hardships. She proclaims in the song, TELL ME I'M WRONG, that she hasn't been loved in a long time, well I'm telling her, "she is wrong", because I have had the pleasure to listen to this album and see her live and I have to say, "Melody you are definitely LOVED!" Melody Guy is on a fast track to success and her music shines like a light in a dark room.

 Melody had the great honor of singing the National Anthem for the Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball game August 5, 2011 in Pittsburgh PA. She released her 6th Album "I FEEL SANE" (recorded with the Great Johnny Garcia, Trisha Yearwood's Guitar Player).

She has had her songs recorded by Jessie James "School Girl" Amanda Williams, Sherrie Austin, as well as many independant artists. 2013 Self-Released "Diamond on the Street" 2011 Self-Released "I Feel Sane" Album 2011 Jorgen Thorup Records "Love Ain't A One Man Show" Written by Melody Guy and Jorgen Thorup. Released in Denmark 2006 Sheree' Austin Sings" Mistakes Like Me" on the Grand Ole Opry (Melody Guy/ Tom Kimmel) 2007 Self-Released "Real Freedom" Album 2002 Self-Released "Signs Of Trouble" Album 2000 Self-Released "Shoulda' Loved Me" Album 1998 Self-Released "Ready For Sunshine) Album 1995 Self-Released "One Sided Love"